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Real Estate Giants Planned to Launch A Series of Billion-Dollar Projects in Hai Phong

The Hai Phong real estate market in 2021 is forecasted to be active with the appearance of a series of large-scale projects worthing billions dollars to be built from urban areas to industrial zones. Key projects have just been approved by the Standing Committee of Hai Phong City Party Committee for the period of 2021 - 2025, mostly infrastructure projects, new urban centers and industrial zones.

Typical projects are listed below:

Translated from

Real estate market in Hai Phong in 2021 will witness a multiple of developers’ household names such as Vingroup, SunGroup, Kinh Bac City, Geleximco, etc., coming with megaprojects.

The 25 projects can be built with or without using state budget capital, specifically the Project on investment and construction of a new urban area in the north of Cam River, the Architectural construction investment project of the New Urban Area in the north of Cam River (phase 1), and Hoang Huy New City Urban area, etc.

Project on investment and construction of technical infrastructure

of a new urban area in the north of Cam river (Source: CafeLand)

Architectural construction investment project of North Song Cam New Urban Area (phase 1) Source:

Hoang Huy New City urban area

Source: Vitaland

Other projects include Vin Wonders Vu Yen Theme Park (Vingroup), Dragon Ocean Do Son (Geleximco Group), Cargo port, ferry terminal, passenger dock, tourism products manufacturing factory, and tourist logistics service area in Cat Hai district (Sun Group), etc.

The implementation of 25 projects in Hai Phong has demonstrated huge improvement in infrastructure in the Northern region of Vietnam, paving the way for socio-economic growth. It is undeniable that enormous economic values can be derived from infrastructure investment throughout the annals of history. Are you an investment enthusiast? Contact the Broad Avenue Team and let our experts share with you the insights to catch the best business opportunities in Vietnam ahead of time


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