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Over 98 Million USD to Build Three Bridges Connecting the Mekong River Delta with Ho Chi Minh City

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Three bridges span Can Giuoc, Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers on the Dong Luc road connecting Ho Chi Minh City - Long An - Tien Giang with a budget of 2,300 billion VND (over 98 million USD).

Overview of the three bridges

Projects will start in 2021 and be completed after 5 years. Investment capital comes from the central budget, the province and other sources.

Impact of the bridges

Once completed, three bridges connect the provincial road 827E (connecting Trung Luong T-junction and Pham Hung Street, forming a straightforward traffic route from HCMC to Tien Giang, enhancing traffic connections between the western provinces with HCMC and vice versa.

The improvement in easier connections will make the Mekong Delta Region less isolated, making favorable conditions for this region to attract investors, speed up urbanization and grow economically.

Mekong Delta shows its potential in the future with improving infrastructure, making the South Region of Vietnam grow as a whole.

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