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Ho Chi Minh City Approves The First Bus Rapid Transit Route

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Effective public transit is central to development. For the vast majority of developing city residents, including Vietnam, public transit is the most practical means to access employment, education, and public services, especially when such services are beyond the viable distance of walking or cycling.

The construction of the city's first Bus Rapid Transit Route (BRT) will bridge the gap of the residents' expectations in providing shorter transit time, safer and more convenient mode of transport compared to the regular bus routes.

It is one of six routes planned to reduce routine congestion in a city that lacks efficient public transport. Other routes are in the pipeline and will come into use in the future to serve 13 million residents.

The deployment of BRT is the essential seedbed in which the processes of modernization and urbanization take root and grow. The Green Bus Route 1 will transform the city in various aspects such as employment generation, technology transfer, environmental impacts, property values as well as economic efficiency in the mobility of people and goods. The convenience of movement will lead to higher ease of doing business in Ho Chi Minh City.

Recent construction projects such as the building of Long Thanh International Airport, Metro Line 1, Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway, and now the establishment of Green Bus Route 1 have demonstrated the dramatic development of HCMC and more broadly, Vietnam. Therefore, this promising land can be a good option in your investment portfolio. Still have questions about investment in the country? Contact Broad Avenue Team now and let us accompany you along the journey to success.

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