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Hanoi Metro Test Run to Start on 12/12

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Hanoi’s first metro begins a 20-day test run on December 12 for safety evaluation, meeting the final requirement for commercial operations.

Key features of the test run:

Depending on the outcome of the test run, the French consultancy - Apave-Certifier-Tricc will issue the safety certificate for the project in Q1/2021. The Ministry of Transport will then hand over the metro to Hanoi authorities to operate.

The completion of Hanoi Metro Line has demonstrated huge improvement in transportation and infrastructure in Hanoi and Vietnam, lifting the standards of living and boosting the overall well-being of residents in the area. It is undeniable that enormous economic values can be derived from transportation and infrastructure investment throughout the annals of history. Are you an investment enthusiast? Contact the Broad Avenue Team and let our experts share with you the insights to catch the best business opportunities in Vietnam ahead of time.

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