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Grab and Gojek Consider Closing in on Terms for Merger

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Grab Holdings Inc. and Gojek - the two rivaling ride-hailing service companies have actively exchanged information through meetings to work out a deal to combine their businesses, in what would be the biggest internet merger in South East Asia.

The two brands may be run separately for an extended period of time but aim at becoming a publicly- listed company.

The region’s two most valuable startups have narrowed their differences of opinion, though some parts of the agreement still need to be negotiated. The negotiation terms are open for changes and may not result in a transaction.

Key information of the two companies and their unresolved tension is summarized below.

SoftBank Group Corp. Masayoshi Son is stepping up pressure on Grab Holdings Inc. co-founder Anthony Tan to work out a ceasefire with archrival Gojek, aligning with Gojek`s shareholders for a regional deal to reduce cash burn.

It is projected that the merger between Grab and Gojek would create a monopoly in local services like ride-hailing, food ordering, delivery, digital payment, etc., leading to a seismic shift in consumer behavior in South East Asia. As an investor, keeping yourself constantly updated on these cases of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), especially cases from big brands will help you stay relevant in the market and predict future market trends. Interested to know deeper in M&A? Contact Broad Avenue Team right now for professional consultation and service.

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